David Ostrowski

Dates: 14.07.17 – 01.10.17

Blueproject Foundation – Sala Project


Aurélien Le Genissel
Renato Della Poeta

David Ostrowski


The Blueproject Foundation presents “Bei mir geht es in den Keller hoch”, the first solo exhibition by artist David Ostrowski in Spain, which can be seen in the Sala Project from the 14th of July to the 1st of October 2017. The exhibition, curated by Aurelién le Genissel and Renato della Poeta, allows the visitors to discover the artist’s work, through a selection of paintings displayed in a large installation which takes up the centre of the Sala Project.

Ostrowski (b. 1981) has created an “oeuvre of paintings that comes almost eerily close to the idea of this kind of zero point, while simultaneously reminding us of the impossibility of ever truly getting there”, as Daniel Schreiber explains in a reference to Roland Barthes’ famous zero degree. “According to Barthes, every artwork always also conveys the illusions of the culture in which it was created and whose language it employs. The mesh of everyday myths is ineluctable, the thicket of codes impenetrable. And yet the desire for a zero point is vital. Without this desire, art would be inconceivable”, explains Schreiber.

“Ostrowski’s works arise from a forced elimination of painting knowledge and an expressed ambition to understand this idea of the void as a confrontation with the history of painting. With his confident and complex circumlocutions around the nonmotif, Ostrowski succeeds in opening the space of the canvas to singular irruptions of perception, to an unexpected liberation of seeing”