What Sacred Games Shall We Have To Invent?

Dates: 06.03.14 – 22.06.14

Blueproject Foundation – Il Salotto

Aurélien Le Genissel
Renato Della Poeta

Doug Aitken,

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Douglas Gordon

Keith Haring

Damien Hirst

Vik Muniz

Tom Sachs

Anthony Schepperd

Robert Williams

Aaron Young

Catalogue available here


“The Blueproject Foundation presents Idolatry_ What sacred games shall we have to invent?, the second collective exhibition in Il Salotto that will display works of Doug Aitken, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Douglas Gordon, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Vik Muniz, Tom Sachs, Anthony Schepperd, Robert Williams and Aaron Young.

Inspired by the famous Aphorism 125 of La Gaya Ciencia (1882), in which the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche announced the “death of God”, Idolatry proposes a journey through those “sacred games” that humanity has had to invent to survive such important announcement. Has humanity learned to live without God or has it made up new idols? Has it simply substituted the void left by God with money, celebrity, ideological extremism, futility or advertising, the “infinite nothing”?

The exhibition examines these new idols that have been appearing in today’s world.

Curatorial Text