Pieter Vermeersch

Dates: 20.05.16 – 20.11.16

Blueproject Foundation – Il Salotto


Aurélien Le Genissel
Renato Della Poeta

Pieter Vermeersch

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The Blueproject Foundation presents “Pieter Vermeersch”, the new solo exhibition which will be shown at Il Salotto from May 20th to October 9th2016. The renowned Belgian artist has built a new installation for the occasion, designed in situ for the foundation in which he thinks about what he calls “the zero-degree images” and the primary architecture. Through his pictorial creations, Vermeersch always explores a fundamental abstraction whose analytical value highlights the potential that holds the painting, delving into the illusion of the image through the use of colour.

In this installation for the Blueproject Foundation, we also found this analysis in the architectural elements that the artist has imagined to create and manipulate the exhibition room. “Space is stripped of its narrative”, as the artist says, that is its practicality, functionality or utility, to reach the “zero degree” in which the image and the space accept its conventions in its most essential nudity, while they stand as initiators of any potential story. Something that certainly remember Roland Barthes’ “writing degree zero”, for whom the “white writing”, amodal, neutral or innocent, was an attempt to “beat the Literature”, transforming it into an “utopia of language”.

Interview Pieter Vermeersch available here